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Culture & Facts of Canada

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Culture & Facts of Canada

Modern art form took the shape of portraits and church décor` at the time of New Dominion in 1867. Art did not develop rapidly during the period. It was in the year 1873 that the Ontario Society of Artists held the first art exhibition. Mostly, art relics can be dated to aboriginal times when baskets, tools and weapons were very much means of livelihood, symbolizing the original art form prevalent in Canada.

Aboriginal artwork is intricately connected with religious and social ceremonies, family festivals, history and culture. Traditional arts of carving, weaving, beading, and quillwork were popular in aboriginal history of art. It is known that vegetable dyes and paints were prepared with the use of plants and clays, while clothing with use of intricate bead work were part of aboriginal culture in ancient times. Aboriginal work of art was peculiar to particular tribe or group with its own distinct traditional style, differing between many coastal cultural groups. Moving inland, with harsh winters and scarcity of food, the tribes normally moved with changing seasons and took their art form to new places along with their clothing, hand-made tools and transportation means. In the interiors, basket weaving, beading and dancing were very popular expressions of social life.

In the 19th century, European colonization almost diminished native Canadian art and culture. Customs and social celebrations like dance and potlatch were banned and artefacts, masks and tools were seen more in anthropological subject. The coastal indigenous art was in grave danger. Bill Reid is a popular name in the history of native art who is world recognized for his aboriginal artist and revival of art form. He worked with Haida artists and also guided artists in graphic and sculptural forms. His movement resulted in First Nations art that gained popularity in furnishing, fashion accessories, architecture and interior decoration. The revival of First Nations art and culture is contributed to Reid and Canadians take pride in indigenous art throughout the province and across Canada.

Canadian Music

Traditional music includes French, Irish, Scottish and Franco-Celtic style, popular for foot percussions and scat style ‘’Turlette’’ and individual music forms from Ottawa valley to the west.

Facts &Important Festivals

Following are few of the important festivals popular worldwide,

The Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most popular film festival held in the world. The Festival shows retrospectives of national cinemas, new talents, directors and also highlights Canadian cinema.

Quebec City Winter Carnival

The first large-scale carnival was first held in the year 1894. The winter carnival Carnaval De Qubec` is the biggest celebration held annually in Quebec City. It is a popular carnival marked with many colorful events. Traditionally, it is known that there was a tradition of locking up people in an Ice palace, especially people who lacked the carnival spirit and good cheer.

Stratford Festival of Canada

One of the most renowned art and theatre festivals of Canada, the Stratford festival is an annual summer long celebration of art and theatre. Theatre lovers, artists and playwrights are known to take great interest from all over North America.

Canadian National Exhibition- CNE

The oldest and largest annual fair in the world, the Canadian National Exhibition is an event that takes place every year at the Exhibition Place in Toronto.


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