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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In which year did Canada gain its independence?
A:   In 1867. Even after becoming an independent dominion, it reserved links with the British. The Canadian Constitution Act of 29 March in 1867 consisted of many implicit and explicit acts based upon local customs and judicial rulings. The Act resulted into a federation of four main provinces in Canada--Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. It was in 1982 that the Constitution Act of April 17, 1982 formally handed over power from Britain to Canada.

Q: What is significance of Vieux Montreal?
A: A few buildings from the Ville Marie era are known as Vieux Montreal. Ville Marie was a popular centre for fur trade and the Catholic religion in Montreal that was time and again attacked by the Iroquois. It was also used as a base for entering into the New France region, an area dominated by France in North America. A peace treaty was signed in 1701 between the Iroquois and the French. The architectural remains of this era within and around the Island are known as Vieux Montreal.

Q: What is form of government in Canada?
A: Democratic Parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy. Members of Parliament are elected every 4 years and elections and the terms can last up to 5 years may or earlier. The government in power must show at least a support of 50 percent of House votes. In case the government loses its minimum vote of 50 per cent, a non-confidence motion may be held against the running government and a re-election may also be forced.

The bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate members that are appointed by the governor general with the advice of the prime minister and the House of Commons. There are around 105 senators and each Senate member serves until the age of 75 years. The House of Commons has 308 seats and the members are elected by direct, popular vote to serve for up to five-year terms.

Q: What is the significance of Maple tree in Canadian flag and customs?
A: In Canada, Maples has always been a valuable source of resource, traditionally and economically. Wood pulp, aesthetic value, environmental beauty, flooring, woodwork and furniture, all contribute to the flourishing commercial and historical value of Maple trees. Canadians are deeply attached to the symbol of maple leaf that adorns their national flag since 1965. It is interesting that out of the 150 species of maple, only 13 are native to North America. And out of the 13 species, ten can be found in Canada including the sugar species-- Black, Silver, big leaf, red, mountain, striped, Douglas, vine and the Manitoba.

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